21 Readers Share How a Year of Quarantine Has Changed their Personal Style

Across the globe, people can pinpoint the exact moment that COVID-19 wholly altered their life. While memories may vary, one thing they share is how every facet of our lives changed overnight—the impact of the pandemic not only shifted the way we live, but entire industries, fashion included. On a larger scale, we saw fashion brands stepping in to help the crisis, while demand for athleisure clothing accounted for $105 billion in sales. But possibly the most interesting shift is how everyone’s approach to style changed while in quarantine. 


While many of us were quick to swap dresses and jeans for sweatpants and slippers, the nature of shopping for pleasure changed, too, including what purchases real women deemed worthy of the times and what they choose to wear while working from home. Although many were quick to condemn the pandemic as the end of fashion, in our opinion, it was an opportunity for a reboot. While we’ll always love a good trend, the pandemic has allowed women to dress for themselves despite trends—which is what makes fashion fun. And when times are challenging, carving out time for exploring and changing our relationships with beauty can be a form of self-care. 


Ahead, you’ll hear from 21 real women on how quarantine and the Covid-19 pandemic have prompted their style revolution, what they’re looking forward to later this year, and what pieces have brought them joy.

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