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Labatt Blue Light Seltzer Lemonade builds off the past launch of Blue Light Seltzer.

Labatt Blue Light Seltzer Lemonade comes in 12-can variety packs with four flavors: Chilled Raspberry, Chilled Lemonade, Chilled Black Cherry and Chilled Peach.

Each seltzer balances tart lemonade with fruit flavor, the company says.


“We found that there was an opportunity to improve the seltzer lemonade experience within the category and make it more approachable,” says Rob Hertenstein, innovation director. “Other seltzer lemonades are very sour and heavy in flavor. They tend to linger on the palate. We wanted to develop a seltzer lemonade that delivers both on the bright, tart citrus flavor of lemonade while also being very refreshing and crisp. That’s exactly what we have with this chilled line.”

Each seltzer is “chilled” just above freezing temperature before it is packaged to ensure a fresh flavor experience in every can, the company says. “We worked with our team of flavor experts to perfect a refreshing lineup of chilled flavors, that combine traditional lemonade taste with fun fruits and a clean, crisp seltzer base,” says Janine Schoos, Labatt brand director. “Hard seltzer drinkers have gravitated toward our unique and ownable flagship flavors and the delicious taste has kept them coming back. We’re excited to roll out Labatt Blue Light Seltzer Lemonade and offer new flavor experiences.”

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