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Dirty Devil Vodka announced today that they are expanding the product’s availability to the U.S.

Created and launched in Quebec in 2019 by St. Lucifer Spirits (SLS), Dirty Devil Vodka is an innovative spirit made from non-GMO corn and blended with Hyper-Oxygenated water — a patented process that yields water with five times the oxygen of ordinary water, the company says.

“We start with a super purification system that produces the highest quality of water,” says Daniel Sdicu, biologist/chemist, Dirty Devil Vodka. “The water is then speed chilled to 4 degrees Celsius and is passed through our plasma reactor. This process changes the molecular structure of water by imbuing it with five times the oxygen of normal water. The resulting Hyper-Oxygenated water is then blended with a high-quality gluten-free alcohol and bottled at 84 proof.” 


Dirty Devil Vodka (DDV) is initially available this May in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, through Trinity’s subsidiary, Verity Wines.

“We are delighted to partner with Dirty Devil Vodka, a brand where science and mixology collaborate to deliver an exceptional cocktail experience,” says Hill Flynn, president and CEO of Trinity Beverage Group. “We are confident that this brand — with its ultra-smooth finish, higher proof and value for price point — has a unique role to play in the vodka category.”

Guiding the brand in the U.S. is the team at Wisdom & Booze, led by industry veterans Rob Warren and Arthur Shapiro.

“Dirty Devil Vodka taps into everyone’s devilish side with a wink and a smile,” says Warren. “DDV combines the highest quality ingredients and patented process for a ‘super’ water to produce a vodka that is truly unique — silky, elegant, unparalleled.”

Dirty Devil Vodka is five-times distilled and three-times filtered. The suggested retail price is $27.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

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