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Big Drop Brewing’s Leafkicker coffee-infused amber ale – Product Launch – Just Drinks

  • Category – Beer, 0.5% abv
  • Available – From this month
  • Location – The UK, available online
  • Price – GBP16 (US$22) per 6x44cl cans, GBP29.50 per 12x44cl

Big Drop Brewing has released a coffee-infused non-alcoholic ale through a collaboration with a London coffee roaster.

Leafkicker contains coffee flavourings from Square Mile Coffee Roasters’ Red Brick Seasonal Espresso blend. According to Big Drop, the beer is the first in the UK non-alcoholic segment to use coffee.

Twenty-five kilograms of coffee are used per 5,000 litres of beer, which means each 44cl can contains trace amounts of caffeine, but not enough to have an effect on drinkers.

“We’re looking to challenge the non-alcoholic space,” said Big Drop co-founder James Kindred at Leafkicker’s launch event last night.

The limited-edition Leafkicker is available through Big Drop’s online store, which the non-alcoholic brewer set up during the COVID pandemic. E-commerce now accounts for about 30% of the no & low brewer’s total sales.

According to Kindred, direct-to-consumer sales allow Big Drop to build a relationship with the consumer. The company has also started a subscription service for its beers, which are brewed by contract brewers.

“E-commerce is now playing a far more important role for us,” Kindred added.

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