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Altia Group’s Say Vodka Seltzer – Product Launch

Altia Group’s Say Vodka Seltzer

Say Vodka Seltzer is available in Finland in two flavours

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Category – Alcoholic sparkling water, vodka-based, 4% abv

Available – From the beginning of this month

Location – Finland, available in the off-premise channel

Price – Around EUR2.80 (US$3.30) per can

Altia is joining the hard seltzer movement in its home market with the Finland-based group launching Say Vodka Seltzer this month.

Using vodka produced at its Koskenkorva distillery in the country, Altia is rolling out two variants of the alcoholic sparkling water – Orange & Guarana and Strawberry & Raspberry. The pair are positioned as a lower-sugar option with some of the sweetness coming from the natural fruit flavours.

“There are many vodka seltzers with a sugar content exceeding 20g per litre,” said Altia’s global brand ambassador, Mikael Karttunen. “In our Say Vodka Seltzers, it’s 12g. This is a level that adds fullness to the flavour but doesn’t linger as a dry aftertaste. The alcohol content of SAY drinks is at the reasonable level of 4%, which … decreases the calorie intake.”

Late last year, Altia, which is in the process of merging with Norway’s Arcus to form Anora Group, changed sales and marketing agent for the Koskenkorva vodka brand in the US.

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