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7 Tequila Day Drinks For 2020

It’s national Tequila Day on July 24, if people needed another reason to enjoy a Margarita or other agave-spirit concoction on a summer Friday. As with everything this summer, this Tequila Day seems a little weird—all the more reason to kick back with a special cocktail. Here are seven to consider.

Lemon Basil Margarita

Lemon Basil Margarita
1 oz. Cointreau
1 ½ oz. Blanco tequila
½ oz. Fresh lemon juice
½ oz. Fresh lime juice
3 Basil leaves

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake until well-chilled. Strain into a chilled Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with a lemon slide and a basil leaf.

The mixologists at Cointreau created this recipe.

Ottoman Cartel
(shown atop)
3 oz. Beet soda  
2 oz. Avion Silver tequila  
1 oz. Spiced Barberry syrup  
1 oz. Fresh lime juice 

Shake all ingredients together then strain into glass with regular ice. Garnish with a lime wheel and marigold flowers.

Melissa Reigle, beverage manager at Byblos Miami, created this recipe.

7 Tequila Day Drinks For 2020
Leche Mexicana

Leche Mexicana
1 ½ oz. Exotico Reposado Tequila
1 oz. Arrow White crème de cocoa
½ oz. Café Lolita
1 oz. Cream
Nutmeg for garnish

Add all ingredients to a blender with a cup of ice. Blend until smooth. Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg

Luxco cocktail specialist Dustin Parres created this recipe. 

Bahia de Zapata
Bahia de Zapata

Bahía de Zapata
1 ½ oz. Cazadores Reposado tequila
½ oz. Aperol
1 oz. Strawberry Kaffir lime infusion.
1 oz. Lime juice
3 drops Habanero tincture

 Rim a Collins glass halfway with tajin. Combine ingredients and shake. Pour into glass with ice.

Valentina Moya, beverage director at Waterbar in San Francisco, created this recipe. 

Marigold Margarita
Marigold Margarita

Marigold Margarita
2 oz. Espolon Blanco tequila  
½ oz. Monin hibiscus syrup  
1 oz. Orange juice 
½ oz. Lime juice 

Build drink in tin, add ice, shake, strain over fresh ice. 

The mixologists at Espolon created this recipe.

Strawberry Basil
Strawberry Basil

Strawberry Basil
2 oz. Herradura Silver tequila
1 oz. Agave nectar
2 medium-sized Strawberries
4 pieces (2-inch) ripped Basil
2 oz. Fresh lime juice

Combine ingredients and shake. Pour into Margarita glass and garnish with a strawberry and basil leaf.

The mixologists at Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar created this recipe.

Banana Boat cocktail
Banana Boat

Banana Boat
1 ½ oz. Patrón Reposado tequila
1 oz. Patrón Citronge Mango liqueur
¾ oz. Lime 
¾ oz. Honey
One whole banana 
2 cups of ice

Combine all ingredients into a blender with ice. Blend until smooth. Garnish with banana dolphin. 

The mixologists at Patrón created this recipe.

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