This Easy Trick Helps Me Pick the Right Foundation Shade Every Damn Time

Now that you know everything about picking out makeup to match every undertone, it’s time to determine your own. Myricks says there are a few different methods, but calls out three as the most effective.

Method #1: The Vein Test

Myricks says this is the most widely used method for determining undertone. “Under good lighting, review the veins in your wrist and inside of the arm. If your veins appear greener or olive, you have a warm undertone. If your veins appear more blue or purple, you are probably cool. If you find it hard to determine whether your veins are blueish or greenish, you are likely neutral.”

Method #2: The Jewelry Test

According to Myricks, you can also dip into your jewelry box to help identify your undertone. “Warmer undertones will look amazing in gold jewelry. Cool skin tones tend to pop in silver jewelry. Both gold and silver jewelry will look great on neutral undertones.”

Method #3: The Sun Test

Another well-known method for determining your undertone is considering your skin’s reaction to the sun. Those who burn easily can almost be certain that they’ve got cool undertones. Those who don’t burn, but rather tan, most likely have warm undertones. And if your skin sometimes burns and sometimes tans in the sun, then neutral undertones are probably what you have.


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