These Are the 5 Defining Trends of NYC’s Coolest It Crowd

You likely haven’t gone one month without overhearing a mention of Dimes Square, which is actually more of a triangle shape that takes up about three blocks on Canal Street in Chinatown. The specific Manhattan area has been trending for a while—to the point that people are probably sick of all the Dimes Square discourse. It’s known for its scene of skateboarders, writers, self-proclaimed artists, and just generally fashionable people who flock to joints like Clandestino, Cervo’s, and Dimes (where its name stems from) to grab dinner and a drink. 

I recently visited New York for a weekend and stayed at the Moxy East Village, which is about a 30-minute walk from Dimes Square, so I could get the lowdown on some of the trends happening in this micro-neighborhood. The exact boundaries of it are disputed, as a similar crowd also spills onto nearby Orchard and Ludlow Streets, so I also kept an eye out for trends as I walked down the streets from my hotel into the epicenter. The new Nine Orchard Hotel, which houses the Swan Room and Corner Bar, has also become a popular spot for the fashion set to sip on cocktails, and the Moxy just opened up a new Lower East Side location nearby, so it’s safe to say the buzz of Dimes Square isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Here, I rounded up five fall fashion trends I spotted during my trip that define the Dimes Square scene, from mid-calf boots to pleated miniskirts

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