Thank God for Kerry Washington and Her Culture-Defining Career

So Kerry, 2022 has been a trip. There’s a lot going on in the world. What does this current period of time look like and feel like for you?

There are so many transitions happening in so many different areas of our lives. It’s a lot to wrap one’s head around right now. What’s happening in terms of climate change, what’s happening in terms of politics and human rights, what’s happening in terms of COVID and the economy, there’s just a lot happening in the world. And I find that, for me, that also means that there’s a lot happening inside my world, right? There’s upheaval and turmoil and trauma and also renewal and deep, deep love, all in a day. Every day has so many twists and turns. 

Whenever somebody asks me how I am, there are 17 ways to answer the question. I’m trying to learn how to be okay with that, with all the complexities of what we’re feeling and that, within a day, something can be really, really great and something can be really, really horrifying. And that doesn’t make me crazy. It just makes the world… Maybe it means the world is crazy, and I’m just in the truth of it, you know?


Yeah, and I do try to take the shoulds out of it because I think, at this point, there are no shoulds. You just feel what you feel. I’m trying to be present for it and not be forcing myself to feel something else but also, again, making room in the complexity. If what I feel right now is really angry, that doesn’t mean that I can’t also feel really grateful and at peace about other things or about even the same thing. I’m just allowing for the feelings to be what they are and to flow with it.

That’s really powerful. The Aquarius just jumped out of you a little bit and this idea of flowing through your feelings and not getting so caught up in the shoulds and the coulds and the woulds of all of it.  

That’s probably true. I’m sort of a textbook quintessential Aquarian from what I know.

Oh, in what ways? Share. 

Well, like you said, I’m really attracted to flow and trying to bring flow into situations. But also, I’m a bit of an idealist. I like to think of the best versions of things, people, places, and situations. I like to believe in the goodness of people, which moves me toward being humanitarian. But also, I can be a little flaky, and I don’t always have an easy time committing. I haven’t in the past in my life. I’ve learned to. I think we were born with what we’re born with, and then we get to have the opportunity to grow and evolve and adjust, so I’ve really learned what commitment can look like and feel like in beautiful ways for me, but I wasn’t oriented that way in the beginning. What else? I love the water. I am more comfortable in a pool or in the ocean than I am on land. It’s weird, but it’s true.

That’s a special connection, and on your social media, we see that quite a bit—you out by the pool often. So that’s a fun detail that you truly spend a lot of your time out there because that’s maybe your safe space, being closer to the water.

I do, and that’s very true. It runs in my family. My family, we exist around bodies of water. My parents’ first date really was at the beach. They met at a party the night before, but the next morning, they went to the beach. And I grew up spending my summers at a pool and at a lake. We just were all swimmers in my family, all my cousins. All my richest memories of childhood tend to revolve around our time spent swimming.

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