Surprise—These Are the Only 4 Skincare Products You Really Need

If there’s one area of the beauty industry that gives way to overcomplication, it’s skincare. With an ever-evolving glossary of buzzy ingredients and a growing number of so-called anti-aging practices constantly being preached, it can all spin out of control really fast. For many of us, this is evidenced by undue stress, overconsumption, and countless bottles of this and that scattered over our vanities that only get used halfway before we’re on to the next thing. Unpopular opinion: Skincare just doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Enter skin minimalism, the idea that you don’t need to use a ton of products in order to have happy, healthy skin. Yes, it’s a thing! There’s actually a growing community of skincare influencers, enthusiasts, and journalists out there dedicated to this cause. And beyond that, a staggering number of our talks with derms about every skin type under the sun from acne-prone to mature and sensitive boil down to the solitary piece of advice that more often than not, less truly is more. Of course, in-office treatments and targeted topicals can be subbed into any routine for added benefits, but it’s certainly worth noting that the pared-back basics of skincare are perfectly adequate.

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