Maia Reficco Is Gen Z’s Next Style Icon—Click the Follow Button for Proof

Reficco was joined on the carpet by her fellow Liars—Bailee Madison, Malia Pyles, Zaria Simone, and Chandler Kinney—all of whom are also members of the younger generation and, as such, showed off their equally unique style preferences at the event. According to Reficco, letting your sense of self determine what you wear as opposed to the trends around you is a mindset that’s practically inherent to Gen Z. “This generation, we’ve all had some sort of awakening in terms of what we know we deserve and what we want in terms of acceptance,” she explains. Reficco says that people her age have a heightened understanding of themselves—from gender identity to sexual expression—which has allowed them to communicate more deliberately and clearly with their style. “That also translates into judging yourself less and daring to wear stuff that maybe wasn’t meant to be worn the way that we’re wearing it,” she continues. “It’s such a cool feeling to get to experience how this freedom in ourselves or in our sense of identity has allowed us to express ourselves in a different way that feels way more allowing.”

In knowing who she is, she’s been able to find balance in work and life, especially when it comes to social media. Like anyone born in the new millennium, Reficco doesn’t know anything but a world enamored by the internet. But because it’s so familiar to her, she knows how to deprioritize it when so many cannot. “It would stress me to let people in so much,” she says of sharing anything and everything online. Instead, she says that not giving social media too big a chunk of her energy and time not only protects her from the anxiety that apps like Instagram and TikTok have been known to prompt, but it also keeps her profiles from feeling “too glossified and thought-out” in comparison to who she is IRL. As a result, her presence online is refreshing and real. It’s like following your best friend—the one who likes singing on TikTok and taking selfies in a really good outfit.

Because she’s not trying to be like anyone but herself, Reficco has done what so many before her have strived and failed to do: possess the It factor. We shouldn’t be molding ourselves into fashion,” she says. “Fashion should just be a complement—a little cherry on top of who we are.” Her feeds don’t look like anyone else’s, which is what makes them so alluring. “Maia’s personal style is helping to show people everywhere that you can take risks and you shouldn’t always try and fit the mold of what everyone else is doing,” Montesano reiterates. “Her personal touches on things are what make her stand out.” 

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