I’m New to Running Outdoors in the Winter—30 Things I’d Add to My NYC Wardrobe

There was a time in my life when if you asked me to run a mile, I’d say not a chance. The younger me would be shocked to hear that I’m a few days away from running my first 5K. While I used to be a strength and conditioning gal, cardio training has taken hold of me like no other lately and I’m always chasing that rush. I challenged myself to run a 5K for the first time because I was looking for a new way to set goals and improve my fitness. Now that I’ve successfully completed my practice round, I know for a fact that I’ll be spending my winters going for runs outdoors and will need a wardrobe to match.

I’ve never actually had an outdoor fitness routine in the winter and I am very new to this all, but after browsing my favorite fitness sites and asking a few friends for their tips and tricks, I think I’ve got it down. Experienced runners I’ve spoken to mentioned focusing on keeping the extremities warm with a soft beanie and gloves being essential. Wearing tight layers seems to be the move for underneath. A winter coat would be too bulky and keep me too warm, so I am really finding myself drawn to light jackets and quarter-zips. Running shoes with traction are also a must-have. Below, find 30 things I’m thinking of adding to my NYC wardrobe to keep me warm this winter.

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