I’m Finally Starting to Travel Again, and I Swear By This One Carry-On Bag

I’m slowly starting to travel again. This means going through the luggage and totes I haven’t really touched in well over a year. The truth is I have a few solid carry-on bags that I’ve used on rotation. As I showcased here, the options that don’t work for me are the styles with an opening at the top that doesn’t close. I find it quite annoying when items spill out during security or on the plane when the bag is underneath the seat. So yes, it may seem standard, but a zippered carry-on is my jam.

To take it further, the one carry-on bag that’s reigning supreme is a style that not only has a zipper but also has a sleeve on the back so you can slide it right over the handle of a wheeled carry-on so the bag doesn’t fall off. This may seem like a totally simple feature, but it’s quite effective and makes traveling easier. One of my go-to picks? Dagne Dover’s Landon Carryall Bag. I’m also excited to try a fresh style by brand July.

I go into more detail below on why this carry-on bag is a front-runner for me. If you’re intrigued and want to test one out for when you do start traveling again, there’s also a range of picks to shop. I also made sure to include other classic zippered carry-on bags that are just as great and functional.

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