I Wear Size 11 Shoes, Here Are All The Best Places To Shop

I love shopping, but I don’t particularly love shopping for shoes. My dread for it has little to do with the actual shoes themselves, but more so the draining process it entails. If you’re someone who wears anything over a size 10 you know the struggle all too well: Until about ten years ago, when my feet decided to grow another few centimeters firmly into size 11 territory, the process was as simple as walking into a store to find what I liked. Because extending sizing is rarely stocked in physical stores, now my in-person shopping has become online shopping. And if there are any specific styles on my wishlist (like these Zara ones that have been haunting my bookmarks tab) I can’t usually afford to wait later; larger sizes tend to sell out at lightning speed.

If you’re new to the game, it can feel like there are little to no options out there (especially for stylish, of the moment styles), but don’t give up yet! As a market editor, I’ve been able to discover new brands and stores that have made my shoe-shopping experience so much easier. Below, I’ve laid out the best places to shop if you have larger feet like me, and the most valuable tips and tricks I’ve accumulated over the years. I have a hunch you’ll want to bookmark this for later.

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