I Just Got Back From Paris Fashion Week, and Now These 5 Things Are in My Cart

Attending Paris Fashion Week is every girl’s dream. The city is bustling with life, greeting the many visitors who come into town for this special event. There’s no better time to be in Paris, whether or not you’re intending or making an appearance at the shows. Paris Fashion Week is a time when you’ll find style inspiration everywhere you look, on and off the runway. I personally did not attend this year, so I reached out to someone who you had to follow if you wanted to get a glimpse of what it was like overseas.

Taylor Hage attended Paris Fashion Week for the fourth time in her career, which means she’s a pro at this point. Navigating multiple shows and presentations in one day, networking, and making many outfit changes are just things she’s used to at this point. When she wasn’t at the shows, Hage spent her time in Paris shopping and checking out the local cafés, which was a great opportunity for people watching. 

When I asked her to describe the Parisienne style that she saw on her trip, she told me, “[It’s] very effortless. You can tell who’s there for fashion week and who just lives there. Not a lot of people wear jeans like we do in the U.S.” Intrigued, I had to learn more about the trends she saw among both the locals and the fashion-week crowd. She spilled it all, and I’m now convinced I need to buy these five things.

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