I Got My Eyebrows Laminated, and They Literally Doubled in Size

The preparation for this service was relatively simple. Vines told me that I’d need to take a break from any retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, and physical exfoliators to make sure my skin was primed and ready for my treatment—easy enough. “I also don’t recommend waxing or brow shaping within a week of your treatment,” she explained. “Your brow artist should be able to clean up any unwanted hair after the service.”

When I asked about the risks associated with eyebrow lamination, Vines said that those with sensitive skin were at the biggest risk of an adverse reaction. “It is possible that those with ultra-sensitive skin might experience irritation or inflammation,” she warned. “If you are concerned about having a reaction, never hesitate to ask your brow artist to perform a patch test beforehand. Also, just like any other beauty service, it is important to visit a professional that you trust. Brow lamination involves using chemical solutions. If the product is left on for too long, you run the risk of frying the hair.

Knowing that my brows (and my entire face, by association) would need to remain dry for an extended period after my eyebrow lamination, I opted for a deep facial cleanse and minimal makeup the morning of my appointment so that I’d be comfortable conducting just a pseudo wash in the evening before bed.

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