I Finally Cured My Dull, Dry Skin—These Are the 15 Products I’d Recommend

So, here’s the zinger. I used to kind of (completely) despise body oil. I found it messy, sticky, and far too cumbersome to apply on a daily basis post-shower. So many formulas I tried clung to my skin, leaving a greasy residue I didn’t find at all divine or luxurious (as so many body oils are touted to feel). Not to mention, the thought of coating my clothes, sheets, and the seat of my car in the stuff practically made me nauseous, and as someone who frequently experiences night sweats, the idea of going to bed pre-slicked only to end up entombed like a mummy by my bedsheets was enough to make me swear off body oils completely. Until, that is, I discovered one that I kind of loved. And then another one. And another one. 

I’m not sure if brands have simply upped their game where formulas are concerned or if I’ve just built up my tolerance for all things grease. Regardless, as I’ve battled to keep my dry, flake-prone skin topped up with dewy moisture, I’ve found body oils are really the only effective antidote. I’m not saying I can go to bed doused in the stuff yet (baby steps, right?), but I have found slathering my body once a week after my morning shower, adding some layers of comfy loungewear, and letting it marinate all day really does the trick. I simply shower off at night before bed (which helps me de-stress anyway), and my skin stays glowy and hydrated for a full seven days with no reapplication necessary.

That said, not all body oils are created equally. Some smell a lot better than others, some have formulas that sink into the skin more effectively than others, and some have far superior ingredients than others. Below, I’m giving you the lay of the body oil land and sharing 15 formulas I’d recommend. Keep scrolling! 

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