How to Avoid that Post-Workout Hair Look, According to Pros Who Sweat Daily

Finding the motivation to work out can be tough. Instagram influencers are constantly showcasing dreamy morning routines, complete with pretty whipped coffees and 5 am sweat sessions, but if you’re like me, fitting in a workout isn’t always that simple. Sure, at-home fitness solutions have made it easier than ever to break a sweat at our leisure, but there are still factors that make fitness an uphill battle. One big one? Hair.

As a naturally curly girl, I’ve got a bad habit of skipping workouts because I didn’t want to deal with the sweaty, tangled tresses that would result. And I know I’m not alone when I say the idea of ruining a blowout or twist-out is enough to make me hang up my running shoes and never look back. But the fact remains that moving our bodies is essential for countless mental and physical health reasons, so worrying about our hair shouldn’t deter us from collecting those endorphins. Grab yourself a cute workout set and get moving, girl! We’ll figure out the hair situation together.

If anyone would know how best to navigate post-workout hair, it’s fitness instructors and athletes who are super-active and sweat it out every single day. That’s why I tapped four top professionals to get their best workout hair care tips for preserving healthy, happy hair all while crushing the fitness game. Keep scrolling for all their pro tips and favorite products.


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