How Kacey Musgraves’ and Dan Levy’s Stylist Made Them the Stars of the Met Gala

You’re dressing Dan Levy as well, which is so exciting. As a huge Schitt’s Creek fan, it has been such a joy watching the two of you work together. Obviously, he adores fashion and was so involved in costuming and styling for the show. I’m curious what your process is like with him. Is it similar to how you work with other clients? Is it different? And of course, we have to talk about how you were thinking about the Met for him.

Dan is an incredible collaborator because he does love fashion. He’s so in tune, and he has such knowledge. So our process is a little bit different. It feels a little bit more edited. With other clients, we can have an idea, and maybe I can send them certain images, but they don’t necessarily want to be involved fully. They trust me. It’ll just come to the fitting. But Dan has such a true love of [fashion] that it is really fun. I don’t know if that’s because he has so much to manage with writing, directing, acting, all of these things, and he has an eyewear company. He can streamline things extremely well. It’s kind of refreshing if you know somebody is happy with what’s arriving. Then, you don’t have to stress out. He did do so much of the costuming on the show on top of everything else. So to move over into the red carpet world, all of that has been so exciting because—with everybody’s outpour of love for Schitt’s Creek, which is so well deserved—it’s been really nice to introduce him to (he already knows the brands) the PR people and the people who are actually getting you the clothing. 

For the Met, he is going with Cartier, which is so fun. It’s great because then you have a pick of designers to a certain degree. Because Dan is such a true lover of fashion, it felt like we should try and figure out what the right brand would be that felt representative again of both. He’s wearing Loewe. In Jonathan [Anderson’s] mind, they’re so similar in their vast knowledge of different things in the art world and cultures and everything. Before it was Lexicon, American independence was the theme running through and what independence meant to you. The artist [of the outfit], it’s an artist who has done a custom print on a Loewe silhouette. I will let him do the talking points on the carpet for that so he does it justice. Then, I think we’re going to layer some Cartier diamond necklaces and some rings to bling it out a little bit.

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