Adaptive Clothing Is the Future, and These 3 Leaders Are Changing the Game

WHO: Mindy Scheier, CEO and founder of Runway of Dreams and Gamut Management 

Let’s start at the beginning: What compelled you to enter the adaptive-clothing market? 

My child, Oliver, who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, wanted to wear jeans like every other kid in school. Until that point, he had only worn sweatpants to dress and use the bathroom independently. Knowing how much it meant to him, I sat at my dining room table armed with a pair of scissors and used my skills as a fashion designer to modify a pair of jeans using Velcro and creative stitching. That moment in time compelled me to ask myself, “If my son was struggling with clothing challenges, what about the other one billion people with a disability on our planet?” So I started conducting extensive research on the cross section of clothing challenges and vastly different disabilities.

Upon completion of the research, I developed modifications for mainstream clothing that would help meet the needs of the largest minority in our world—people with disabilities. I launched Runway of Dreams Foundation with a “small” goal of changing the fashion industry. I am so honored that, in 2016, we partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to make fashion history by launching the first-ever mainstream adaptive clothing line for kids, which has now become Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, available for both kids and adults. 

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