8 Inclusive Brands to Shop and Support

Every Pride Month, my inbox fills up with a range of brands showcasing special collections and collaborations in support of LGBTQ+ people. While it’s undoubtedly heartening to see some of the biggest brands in the business celebrate and advocate for the community with rainbow-emblazoned merch, it’s also of paramount importance to shine a spotlight on those innovating brands and rising queer designers that treat every month like Pride Month with their unapologetically authentic ethos.

This crop of inspiring gender-fluid brands and queer-identifying designers are at the pulse of pushing the (sometimes archaic-feeling) fashion business forward. That’s right. These labels aren’t afraid to push genderless silhouettes as we continue to gain a deeper understanding of gender identity and sexuality, are at the forefront of embracing representation on the runway and in campaigns, and use design as a way of expression to create change and spark conversation. In other words, they’re the ones consistently on my radar.

Ahead, I’m bringing you my favorite labels that I believe reflect what fashion should look like today—inclusive, expressive, and personal—which, in essence, is the spirit and beauty behind my Pride Month.

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