Shock and fear in Kabul as residents adjust to Taliban rule

Holding bloody documents in his hands, a man in Kabul claimed his wife had been injured at the airport when they tried to escape the country.

“I went to the airport with my wife and brother with our two kids. We took all of our documents with us…They fired at people. My kids and I were injured. They shot my wife. I’m left with my two children what am I supposed to do now,” he said, breaking down in tears.

In the week since the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan after 20 years of a US-led war, residents in Kabul described the situation on the ground.

Some said the armed group hasn’t changed at all since it was last in power while others put the blame on President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country.

“We don’t see any bright future for our sisters and mothers,” a local resident said. “The Taliban is the same old Taliban. The mujahideen is the same mujahideen. The same Taliban just returned. Nothing will ever change.”

Few women have been seen on the streets of the city since the Taliban took over, residents say. Under the group’s previous rule from 1996 to 2001, women were not allowed to work or go to school.

“I am too young to remember how it was 25 years ago but hearing from my mother, I know women were not allowed to go outside or to go shopping. Women were slaves who had to do housework,” one young woman said.

“I can’t even imagine what the future will be like. After they took control, I didn’t leave the house for three days. I am too scared to leave my house.”

Another Afghan woman told Euronews she was furious the previous leaders left the country.

“I am spitting on those traitors. They’ve sold our security forces and left the country. We will never forgive them.”

Taliban militants meanwhile claimed they would protect the country and that the traitors had now left.

“Don’t leave your country. Your country is your motherland. This is our motherland and its real sons have returned back,” one Taliban fighter said.

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