Russians celebrate 65 years of the Volga GAZ-21

Locals in Perm were given the opportunity to ride in the Soviet era classic vehicle in an event organised by the Retro Garage Automobile Museum.

Cruising through the city of Perm the old-fashioned way.

Residents have been given the opportunity to ride inthis Volga GAZ-21 – an iconic car of the Soviet era.

The Retro Garage Automobile Museum organised the event to celebrate the car’s 65th anniversary.

Passengers were taken on a 30 minute cruise through the city centre and back to the museum.

For some, it was an opportunity to feel nostalgic, for others, to get acquainted with a classic car for the first time.

The Volga GAZ-21 was produced in the Soviet Union from 1956 to 1970. The car being driven here is a 1958 release.

The purchase cost 20,000 Roubles ($280), but it took 1 million Roubles ($13,960) and three years to fully restore it.

The Perm Automobile Museum Retro Garage displays Soviet cars from 1930-1980 and is a rally point for car enthusiasts and collectors in Perm.

“Our idea was not to create a classic museum, but a museum of living history. All our exhibited cars can drive, they are registered. In order to better maintain a car, it should perform its key automobile functions, it should drive, it should bring joy to people,” says founder and owner of the museum Aleksander Cherepanov.

Cherepanov graduated from the automobile department of the Perm Technical University, was a driver, then an engineer, and then dedicated half of his life to car races.

In 2014, he gathered collectors of vintage cars for the first time at a temporary exhibition.

The exhibition lasted only a month, but proved so popular that after it closed, people kept coming to ask where it had moved.

The idea of setting up a car museum was born.

There are 30 cars on display at the museum, just a small portion of the museum creator’s collection.

In the future, Cherepanov hopes to grow into a large technical museum with steam locomotives, freight and public transport, motorcycles and mopeds, and a restoration workshop.

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