Michelin awards stars to Russian chefs for the first time

The Michelin Guide has awarded nine Moscow restaurants with its stars for the first time.

Two restaurants: Twins Garden created by twin brothers Ivan and Sergei Berezutsky, and chef Artest of Artem Estafev were awarded two stars.

Seven restaurants were given one star, including restaurants “White Rabbit”, “Biologie”, and “Grand Cru”.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s New York, London or Moscow: they have the same criteria, the most important is to justify the trust of guests,” Ivan Berezutsky told reporters.

The international director of the Michelin guide Gwendal Poullennec told the AP that “over the past five years, the Moscow calendar is seen as being really evolving a lot, with high-quality products, many very talented and promising chefs.”

However, no participant was awarded three stars, the most prestigious award of the Michelin.

Representatives of the Michelin guide, known for the international standard of restaurant ratings, released the first edition of recommendations in Moscow.

Overall, 69 restaurants were recommended by the guide.

The selection of restaurants will be available in print and on an app in twenty-five languages, including Russian.

Russia is the 35th country having the Michelin guide, and Moscow became the first city of the ex-USSR to be awarded Michelin stars.

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