Japan marks 76th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings

Japan”s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga attended a memorial commemorating the 76th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Survivors and relatives marked the blast anniversary with a minute of silence; many who survived the attacks continue to require welfare and medical care.

August 6, 1945

The United States dropped the world’s first nuclear bomb used against civilians at 08:15 local time in the southwestern city of Hiroshima.

The bomb nicknamed “Little Boy” destroyed the city and immediately killed 80,000 civilians, which represented around 30% of the population at the time.

By the end of the year, it was estimated that 140,000 people had died, and thousands more followed in the following years due to radiation-related injuries.

Three days later, on August 9, the US dropped a second bomb on Nagasaki. “Fat Man” killed another 74,000 and more than 40% of the city was destroyed.

Six days after the bombing, Japan surrendered, marking the end of World War Two.

Calls for total abolition of nuclear weapons

During the memorial, Prime Minister Suga said the government would continue to support the survivors, while Hiroshima’s mayor demanded all the nations to “work together” to promote the “total abolition” of nuclear weapons.

UN Secretary General António Guterres promised that the United Nations will continue to be fully committed to the goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world, saying “such tragedy must never happen again”.

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