Heavy snowfall in northern Germany disrupts train and road networks

Road traffic central and northern Germany has been disrupted and train services cancelled due to a large amount of snowfall. In neighbouring Netherlands, a “Code Red’ alert has been issued for the first time in nine years due to the extreme weather.

United Kingdom

Named Storm Darcy in the UK, it has also been dubbed as the ‘Beast from the East part 2.’ It has left much of the east of England blanketed in snow. The storm has been caused by cold air making its way across from Russia and Eastern Europe, resembling conditions last seen three years ago. There’s been disruption to travel and dangerous road conditions, forcing some UK vaccination centres to close unexpectedly.


Treacherous road conditions over the last 24 hours have led to hundreds of vehicle crashes in parts of central and northern Germany. Police said 28 people were injured on icy roads.

The German Weather Service urged people to stay at home and authorities brought homeless people into warm shelters amid the sub-freezing temperatures


Hundreds of residents living near rivers have had to be evacuated from their homes amid ongoing levels of high alert. In Paris, the River Seine continues to rise. The Zouave statue at the Pont de l’Alma, a popular but imprecise indicator for flooding, is partially submerged.

The Netherlands

The lower countries saw the first heavy snowstorm in a decade. The government was forced to cancel a weekly crisis meeting to discuss the coronavirus pandemic. Rail and air travel were badly affected and the Dutch meteorological office raised its weather warning to code red for the whole country. All Dutch coronavirus testing facilities were closed on Sunday and professional football matches have been postponed.

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