German police investigate three parcel bombs sent to food companies

Police in Germany have launched an investigation after three parcel bombs were found at different food and drink companies.

On Thursday night, authorities confirmed that they had found and defused a suspicious package at a mail distribution centre at Munich airport.

The parcel had been addressed to Hipp, a Bavarian baby food manufacturer, local police said.

On Wednesday, three people were injured after a letter bomb exploded at the administrative headquarters of supermarket giant, Lidl.

One victim was said to be “quite seriously” injured in the blast at the Neckarsulm site near Stuttgart, but all three people have since been released from hospital.

Meanwhile, a third parcel bomb was found at a beverage manufacturer in Eppelheim on Tuesday, in the same south-western region of Baden-Württemberg. The employee who opened the package was shocked by a small explosion, police said, but no severe damage was caused.

“It can be assumed that there is a connection between the three deliveries”, said Stefanie Hinz, head of the regional police. Investigators have stated that all three packages were sent by a fictional person, but there is no known motive.

Germany’s Food Federation has called on its members to be extremely vigilant, especially when receiving parcels.

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