A majority in France think COVID restrictions are too relaxed – survey

The prevailing view in France is that COVID-19 restrictions are too relaxed, according to a Euronews-commissioned survey.

Around four-in-ten people questioned believed the current rules did not go far enough.

The survey was carried out in late February when France had a nationwide 6 pm – 6 am curfew in place.

But other Europeans felt their governments had got restrictions about right. More than half of respondents in Germany and the United Kingdom held this view while a majority in Italy thought authorities had found the right balance.

France, according to the poll, has the largest proportion of respondents who thought current rules were too strict.

So, does that mean the French are less likely to obey?

Only around half the French and Italians questioned felt that their local communities are complying with the restrictions.

It was much higher in the UK and Germany, where 61% said people were sticking to what authorities asked of them.

Tuesday marks a year since Italy imposed Europe’s first COVID-19 lockdown. So, what has been the impact on people?

The prevailing view among Italians we surveyed felt the restrictions were more helpful than harmful to society.

A similar proportion of Germans felt the same way. Nearly two-thirds of Britons agreed, too.

But in France, the majority of respondents (47%) felt the rules had been more harmful than helpful.

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