Why is it a good idea to use WordPress for a business website?

Everybody knows: the IT market is growing at a space-rapid pace, and the curve of its development sometimes makes unexpected breakneck turns several times per month or even a day. In such conditions, choosing the right strategy for a lone entrepreneur or a transnational development company appears a verily dramatic task.

What are the consequences of a wrong choice? When you are pondering which platform to base upon a website for a new business, a mistake can at least mean a loss of time and money. Moreover, this applies not only to the immediate visual result, which may turn out to be completely different from what you expected. In the long term, this can result in the low conversion of your web resource, sluggish traffic, and anemic reflection, at best, on the fifth or tenth page in Google search results.

Keep up with the best

Today, 85% of the resources on the world Internet are powered by WordPress. The once-popular Joomla accounts for 5%. The remaining ten percent are smeared with a thin layer of various custom development services.

In this case, a completely logical question arises: why, with an immense number of excellent WordPress development services, Joomla, which clearly loses to WordPress in all respects, still retains such a significant market share?

Apparently, just because some developers prefer to cling to their brainchild, diligently closing their eyes to the changes taking place around them. That is, just by inertia.

Harmful illusions

There is one more explanation for the relatively high prevalence of sites on obsolete platforms, in addition to the already mentioned inertia. This is the lack of understanding by their owners of the importance of changes.

Usually, the owners of such resources dismiss WordPress specialists’ recommendations about the need for an upgrade, repeating the old proverb of programmers: “Does it work? Don’t touch it.”

Instead of comprehensively examining what matters for your app in the case of a transition to a platform on which all successful companies in the world build their resources, the owners of such outdated sites are confident that everything is fine with them.

Meanwhile, the experience of leading experts, such as QArea, testifies that even the mere fact that Google indexes resources created upon WordPress programming is enough to exponentially increase the popularity of such sites. Simply put, the more often your web resource appears in responses to search queries, and the higher it’s ranking in Google algorithms, the more successful and sustainable your business is.

Why is it a good idea to use WordPress for a business website?

Only facts

Here is a short and far from complete list of the main reasons why a website for a successful company should be built on WordPress.

  • Deep and versatile integration with Google Analytics service. This allows you to receive comprehensive information about the visitors to your site. In addition, you can quickly track the smallest problems in the code or syntax of publications that hinder their successful promotion.
  • The convenience of products built with WordPress for SEO. The default architecture of this platform is already sharpened for efficient work with search engines, but you can raise this parameter to the maximum level using numerous plugins. By the way, most of them are free.
  • WordPress is such a flexible software solution that you can use it to create absolutely any product — from business websites to e-shops. The specific specification of your resource is also implemented through plugins.
  • The administrative part of a site created with WordPress is so simple, user-friendly, and intuitive that you can manage your resource without even having a clue of what HTML code is.
  • WordPress was initially designed to work with any type of mobile device. This means that your site will always look flawless on wide monitors, tablets, and smartphones.

Is everything really free? Everything indeed?

Of course, not everything. Otherwise, it is unlikely that WordPress had the opportunity to develop at such a fast pace and constantly expand its versatility. Some plugins of this platform require purchase. However, the cost of such buying, and the budget that should be set aside for hosting and further maintenance of a web resource created on WordPress, all other things being equal, are much more affordable than any other solution.

It should be remembered that WordPress is a universal platform that involves the use of its tools for a wide range of tasks — from creating landing and business card sites to complex web resources with augmented and virtual reality, streaming services, and marketplaces. It is quite natural that it can be difficult for a beginner to independently understand all the variety offered by WordPress and choose the best combination of price and quality.

Fortunately, this problem has a simple and cost-effective solution: contacting a team of experienced and well-established WordPress specialists’ will save you time and money. The undoubted advantage of such companies is that they have rich portfolios. Firstly, This allows you to assess the level of their work. Secondarily,  you may choose the kind of design and the functionality that suits your tasks and your budget the best.

Wrapping up

To summarize all that has been said, it remains only to state: by choosing the WordPress platform for your site, you get a powerful, effective, and cutting edge tool for more than an affordable price that provides you with an entire control over your site.

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