This company wants to redefine entrepreneurship through the circular economy

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Modo Re is a responsible consumption platform that promotes the reuse of packaging through refill. Anyone can fill containers of different brands, either plastic or glass, by using the company’s machines that are scattered throughout the city.


This company founded by Rosalía Rocha, Alejandra Haro and Guillermo Mendoza aims to reduce plastic production and bases its business model on the rental of filling machines to brands.

Any company that produces liquid items can form an alliance with Modo Re. Then the company will position a machine in a location subscribed by both parties where containers of the contracting brand’s product will be filled. Installation and repair of damage to the machine is part of Re Mode at no additional expense.

How does the refill system work?

In order to refill you must pre-buy online. To carry out this process you simply have to create an account on their website. Once created, you choose the products you want to fill. When making the selection you will get a totally secure league with which you can pay from your cell phone.

Once the payment is made, a QR code will appear that you can show as a purchase receipt in any of their machines. You should take the container of the brand and size that you specified to the nearest filler to refill your product. It should be noted that they accept all cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal as a form of payment.

This company wants to redefine entrepreneurship through the circular economy

Photo: Re mode

Benefits of the business model

The circular economy is a concept that is becoming more and more present in our society, especially with a greater number of companies that generate environmental awareness to adapt their business model to make it ecologically sustainable. That is why the first advantage, and the most obvious, is the decrease in the production of plastic containers, which take between 100 and 1000 years to fully degrade. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint and environmental pollution.

The next point in favor is mainly focused on the consumer, with the reduction of the mass production of plastic containers, the amount that the customer pays, for the same amount of product, decreases.

Finally, just as customer spending decreases, the company can save on packaging production and sales labor. Well, the product would be restocked and sold to the customer in an automated way through the machines.

The percentage of savings of companies depends on different factors, such as the number of machines you rent, the cost of creating the container and the number of fillings. However, Modo Re has a calculator on its website where companies can forecast the decrease in production expenses if they decide to form an alliance with them.

Whether you are a producer or a customer, by saving a bottle you are not generating a cost. Therefore, the product becomes cheaper for both.

Alejandra Haro, co-founder of Modo Re

Benefit to the environment

In addition to the evident reduction in the production of slowly degrading plastic, Modo Re donates 1% of its profits to Méxicoazul, a non-profit Mexican association dedicated to the conservation of marine habitats and species.

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