The United States to investigate Tesla’s ‘autopilot’ system after 11 accidents

This system has been linked to 11 crashes to emergency vehicles.

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The autopilot of Tesla vehicles have a history that qualifies them as a lifesaver, although it has also been linked to some automobile accidents or collisions.

In this context, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) announced that it will initiate an investigation into the assisted driving system of Elon Musk’s company vehicles.

The reason?

The agency identified that this system has been related to 11 crashes to emergency vehicles. According to AFP reports, “several Tesla models” were involved in accidents that ended up involving assistance vehicles, and some were crashes “directly against the vehicles of primary responders.”

The investigation will focus on Tesla’s Y, X, S and 3 models . The car company has not declared anything in this regard. However, Elon Musk has defended his firm’s autopilot on several occasions saying that it always requires active supervision of drivers.

NHTSA will also investigate how the autopilot identifies objects on the roads and on which roads it is advisable to activate this system. According to El País , the car company’s shares fell 4% after this news was released.

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