Council Post: Three Powerful Ways Entrepreneurs Can Challenge Self-Doubt And Boost Self-Acceptance

By Thomas Griffin, co-founder and president of OptinMonster. Entrepreneur, investor and software expert. Helping you be a better leader in your organization.

We all compare ourselves to others at some point in life, and when you do that, you end up wanting to be like them. While it is a good thing to find inspiration in others, especially when it comes to how you want to grow your business, comparing yourself with others too often can negatively affect your mental health. 

This can lead you to a state in which you start doubting yourself. When you’re in that state, you constantly find yourself finding faults in your own thoughts and actions. 

As a result, you’ll criticize yourself for everything you do, even if it’s done with the best of intentions. And no matter how hard you try, there’s something that always upsets you about yourself.

You end up feeling like there’s nothing good about yourself or about the way you think, act or behave. A feeling of unworthiness haunts you all the time. You even feel like you’re incapable of doing anything positive or being successful or even finding happiness, for that matter.

Experiencing self-doubt occasionally is natural but if it happens too often, it can cause serious problems to your mental health and the health of your business. That’s why you need to beat self-doubt the moment you start experiencing it.

But how do you do that? Here are three powerful ways to beat self-doubt to boost positive thinking and self-acceptance.

1. Challenge negative thoughts.

Oftentimes, the main reason behind doubting yourself is the presence of negative thoughts in your mind. When these thoughts pop up, your mind is not in the state to reflect on them. 

At such times, it’s important for you to challenge such negative thoughts. Instead of giving in to these thoughts, try combating them with a positive mindset. You may find it difficult to do that due to the dominant effect that these thoughts have on you. But be strong enough to resist the temptation of giving up.

Try to divert your thoughts with something more meaningful. You can think about the happy times in your life, about an achievement you have made or anything that gives you strength. You don’t have to win a medal to achieve something. There are many other achievements that you may not count on. Think about all the things that you’re fortunate to have. These can be your family, your job, your relationships, etc.

2. Spend time with positive people.

When you start doubting yourself, you’ll want to spend most of your time alone, far away from people you love. But isolating yourself from others will only make things worse. Not only can this affect you mentally but it can affect you physically as well. Isolation can lead to various negative impacts such as depression, stress, poor sleep and decision-making abilities, etc. All of these can make you feel even worse.  

Instead of staying away from others, try to surround yourself with positive people who inspire you and believe in you. It’s a great way to motivate yourself to look at things positively and develop a positive attitude toward life. It might even help you find the brighter side of yourself, which will pave the way for self-acceptance.

3. Practice self-compassion.

Another brilliant way to boost self-acceptance is to practice self-compassion. Many people confuse self-compassion with self-love, but the two differ from each other. Being compassionate toward yourself means being gentle and kind toward yourself. But it may be difficult to be compassionate with yourself when you are focusing only on the negative side of yourself. 

To make it easier for you, start by accepting the fact that no one is perfect and you aren’t either. Try to accept the fact that if you aren’t good at something, you can always improve yourself through learning and practice. Doing this will make it easier for you to transform your mindset and forgive yourself. This will eventually help you learn how to accept yourself the way you are. 

Fighting self-doubt can sometimes be difficult, but always remember to do the best you can to combat it. Unless you do that, it will be difficult for you to find happiness and lead a successful business.

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