Council Post: How Lawyers Can Sign More Cases Without Investing In More Marketing

By Chase Williams, Managing Partner at Market My Market, helping businesses generate new clients by implementing the right marketing systems and strategies.

Congratulations, you are the big lawyer in your city. You get hundreds of leads a month. All of your hard work filming commercials, investing in search engine optimization (SEO), putting up billboards and being active in your community has finally paid off. Even though you are the go-to lawyer in your city, most likely you are leaving a ton of money on the table. It’s great to know how many leads your firm generated last month, but do you know your current conversion rate of leads to clients?

So many legal marketers and business development specialists focus on the importance of marketing and forget to stress the significance of intake and conversion.

Would you rather be the lawyer who gets 100 leads per month and signs up 95 new cases or the lawyer who gets 1,000 leads per month and signs up 50 cases? How much time and energy is being wasted on marketing when the core issue of intake isn’t being addressed?

It’s all about the customer experience. If a potential client can’t get ahold of someone on their first point of contact or is placed on a long hold, what does that say about how the rest of the experience will be working with your firm?

Tips To Help With Conversion And Intake

Hire a third-party answering service for weekends and out-of-office hours. The service can also take care of running your website’s online chat.

• If you can’t do proper intake in-house, hire an intake company. Many leads are lost due to hold time, poor phone etiquette or the receptionist not understanding what the firm can offer potential clients. Note that there is a huge difference between an answering service and an intake service. An answering service will go off a very specific script and try to connect the client directly to the firm or lawyer. An intake service will own the entire lead process and even sign clients on your behalf.

• Update your Google My Business listing to say that you are open 24 hours. No one is going to call the law firm that says they are closed on Google. Rely on your newly hired answering service to take care of these incoming calls.

• Follow up with potential leads until they tell you they have hired another attorney. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can assist with automated follow-ups, as well.

• When speaking to a client, make the first touchpoint about them. Don’t focus on how great your firm is or the awards you’ve won. For many potential clients, this may be their first time speaking to a lawyer, and they just need someone to listen and understand their situation.

• Integrate software to track your intake and leads. This will help you gather further insight into your marketing return on investment as well.

• Keep your team accountable. Compare outcomes from various team members.

• Audit your hold time. If a potential customer calls and is placed on hold for four minutes before talking to someone, how much harder is it going to be to sell them on hiring your firm?

• Gather all your leads in one place. CRM software will be a big help in getting your data organized. You’ll want records of who the client is, their name, e-mail, phone number, how the client found you, notes about their potential case and a log of each touchpoint with the client.

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