5 Key Qualities To Look For In A Coach

Business and life coaches are valuable and hiring one might be exactly what you need. But when there are so many options, how do you know who to choose?

It’s not a decision to rush. Special offers and limited slots shouldn’t come into your decision. No good coach will put pressure on you to sign up and coach-hopping is a waste of your time and not the goal. Here are five factors to consider when selecting a coach to work with.


You have big plans. You need a coach that guides you towards them, not one who limits you. A coach is there to support and inspire you to be your best self, not get you to be realistic. Someone who has been there and done it, achieved a certain level in their field, will know it’s possible for you. They’ll be fighting your corner and equipping you with the questions and tools that will ensure you step up your game.

Even if a coach’s doubts aren’t aired, their energy will be felt. If your dreams are bigger than your coach thinks possible, their hesitancy might make itself known. You’ll end up justifying yourself to them instead of focusing on the task at hand. The partner who climbs the mountain with you must trust that the summit exists.


Think of the person you’re about to engage. Do they care? Do they really care about their clients and how they do? Have they completed a course on how to be a six-figure coach and began the hunt for victims? Will your achievements be a source of genuine pride or will you be just another case study on their Instagram? Great coaches serve. Great coaches care. They care who their clients are and they care how they feel. They get to know the real you and they put their all into ensuring that’s who shows up.

Niggling feelings probably mean something isn’t right. Scepticism is creeping in is trying to tell you something. Look at other options.


Little things speak volumes. Turning up on time, respecting boundaries and maintaining integrity might seem inconsequential, but early signs predict the future. Setting up a longstanding partnership means working with someone you trust won’t let you down and will be there when you need them.

If they do it with you, they’ll do it to you. If someone scoffs and scorns at their clients’ problems, they’ll do it about you, behind your back. If they speak of others with respect, it’s likely consistent. This person is about to know your deepest, truest thoughts. If they can’t keep secrets, they won’t keep yours. Positive, happy people who always see the best in others are the people you want in your corner. Judgment, negativity and gossip can step aside.


Great coaches make the world of difference to their clients. They peel back layers, remove doubts and act as much-needed guidance or support. They give frameworks their clients can use forever; they train independence and self-sufficiency. They set their clients up for fantastic futures using what was inside them all along.

Can you say with confidence that this person is effective? Look for happy clients, glowing testimonials and people who swear by their methods. Ask about examples of problems they have supported their clients through. Give hypothetical situations. Ask about their techniques. The coach that’s right for you will be able to explain why they believe they can make a difference.


For the accountability that makes a difference, it’s imperative that you like your coach. That you get on. That you want to converse, and you look forward to seeing them. To believe in their value they should be someone you admire. Their values, their demeanour, their way. They should hold qualities you want to emulate even if your goals are very different. An appreciation of the other’s worldview.

A coach will be a big influence in your life. It’s not only the time you spend with them, it’s the thinking they create space for. It’s the questions they ask. It’s how you plan and follow up your meetings or how you channel their guidance even when they’re not there. Their presence will be felt long after each session is over. Letting someone into your headspace isn’t a decision to take lightly.

Selecting a coach should be done with thought. This person is about to join you on a journey of transformation, so ensure they’re the right partner. Consider their experience, personality, reputation and professionalism. Consider their references and values and limiting beliefs. Happy coaches make happy clients. Self-aware coaches make self-aware clients. The perfect choice is out there. Choose once and choose well.

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