4 Lessons On Entrepreneurship From World-Class Climber Kevin Jorgeson

On the clear and cool afternoon of January 14, 2015, Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell summited the Dawn Wall, after 19 days and 3,000 feet of vertical climbing on the face of El Captain. In doing so, they made history by completing the most challenging big wall climb ever attempted in human history.

What does climbing a massive wall in Yosemite have to do with running a startup? More than you might think.

In many ways, climbing the Dawn Wall is similar to building a company. Both are audacious tasks and risky ventures that require: 1) belief and confidence, 2) laboring in obscurity, 3) strong partnerships and 4) pushing the limits of your capability.

Entrepreneurs will find that the same mindset that allowed Jorgeson to rise to the challenge of climbing the Dawn Wall will help them navigate the challenges that are common to all founders. Here are four lessons on entrepreneurship from this world-class climber.

Belief v. Confidence

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