Perks of using LMS for New Employee Orientation

Onboarding and Orientation of new hires are important aspects for every company. New employees need to know about how the company operates. It can include basic and important information like the company policies, and legal procedures, information of the IT technical support and the work culture.

Doing a face to face orientation for every recruit becomes physically and mentally draining and loses it’s glow with time. and thus, the e-learning system fits perfectly for this role. With LMS managing the on-boarding process becomes faster, consistent, and easier. 

Choosing the right LMS available from the market can help you develop the best orientation program and build a collaborative work culture. WordPress learning management system makes amazing employee training programs which are extendible and can be customized. The main focus of the lms based training program is to create, deliver, train, track. Recruits can focus on their individual tasks and objectives and can access the training from anywhere.

Let’s walk through some major perks of using LMS for recruit orientation:

  1. Learning at one’s own pace

With e-learning orientation, employees can complete the course at their own pace with no rush or hurry. They can take this up while getting on to other things in the first few days.They can always revisit the course whenever required to refresh their memory on certain topics. 

  1. No manual efforts required

You do not require a separate team of resources dedicated for training. It becomes exhausting to take the same set of sessions for every recruit and the chances of manual errors increases. This can also impact on the consistency and the quality of training provided. With e-learning it is a one-time setup and once you share the courses with the employees they are ready to take the orientation tour.

  1. Easy progress tracking

You can easily track the progress and completion status of each course of every employee using LMS. The software also helps to grade and rate the employees. This will help you understand how the employee is performing in after course tests and exercises and where he/she needs an improvement.

  1. Attendance tracking & Legal Proof

Learning management systems can help you track the attendance on the course topics. This becomes very useful especially while covering the topics of sexual harassment laws in the company, anti-ragging policies, behaviour of employees. This could serve as a legal proof in case of any disputes and misunderstandings as the company’s reputation comes at stake.

  1. No limit on the number of employees taking the training

Unlike classroom training where it becomes difficult to manage a large number of employees and train them, e-learning provides no such boundary. You can share the course with hundreds to thousands of people as your company grows. Orientation can be customized based on the specialization of the departments or the job position of the employee.

  1. Saves money

Who wouldn’t want to cut down unnecessary expenses if that can be avoided! Online orientations can help minimize the company’s expenses which are involved in in-person training. It includes printed learning material, classroom maintenance,etc. With e-learning these expenses can be reduced and saves the time of HRs.

  1. Covers everything

 It covers everything about the company, from dress code to task walkthroughs. Many companies have started introducing LMS in their work culture as it can go beyond just orientation. It is used for compliance training, sales and HR training. 


e-learning based orientation doesn’t completely replace the face to face contact. Sharing the physical space with seniors and colleagues over coffee is nice and welcoming. It only provides a well organized and consistent training to them and maintains their records. And all this happens at one place. It is all about giving the employees the right information to start with.

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