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Why Brandi Rhodes ‘Waited’ to Say ‘I Love You’ to Husband Cody Rhodes

Putting their love to the test! Brandi Rhodes and her husband, Cody Rhodes, didn’t play nice during a rapid-fire round of Us Weekly‘s “Not-So-Newly Married Game.”

The AEW personalities exchanged vows in 2013 and welcomed their daughter, Liberty, earlier this year. While they may not have agreed on who was the first to divulge their feelings, Brandi, 38, was confident that she knew what turns Cody, 36, off the most.

“Women acting vile,” she wrote, adding a note “to include public belching [or] cursing.”

Cody and Brandi Rhodes.

The Georgia native, however, had a different answer in mind. “It’s actually name-droppers,” he told Us, while his wife joked, “Well, that’s new.”

Brandi went on to admit that she’s taken to the bad habit lately “just for fun” — and her name-dropping tendencies haven’t gone unnoticed by Cody.

Before learning each other’s “new big turnoffs,” the couple reflected on the early days of their romance, but weren’t quite on the same page about who dropped the L-bomb first.

“Your memory … there’s something wrong with it,” Brandi teased, shaking her head. “I definitely didn’t [say it first]. … I wouldn’t say it because I waited for you. You said it first in Vienna, Austria.”

Cody, for his part, recalled telling his now-wife, “You’re my favorite,” instead of using the other all-important word.

“I remember there being an incident in Vienna, Austria, because we kept [a] cork and we kept it in a little crystal box,” the Go-Big Show star told Us. “But I think that was not based on [saying] ‘I love you.’ Maybe it was.”

While they may not be on the same page about their past, the pair are a more coordinated team when it comes to parenting their now-3-month-old daughter. Their upcoming reality series, Rhodes to the Top, will give fans a closer look at the duo’s life at home — but there was one thing that was “off-limits” for the cameras.

“The showrunner kept coming into the bedroom,” Cody recalled. “Here’s what I learned. We’re producers on the show, which helped a lot in terms of, ‘Hey, let’s make this authentic. … Turn the cameras on and see what your life is like.’ However, they still [were] just so invasive in our home and our office at work.”

Brandi chimed in, “Because that’s how they get the most content. Then you run into a brick wall, which is a nine-month pregnant woman who … will sit there like a bullfrog and, you know, you can’t get me up.”

Watch Us‘ exclusive video above to learn more about Brandi and Cody’s love story, from their first date to their first dance.

Rhodes to the Top premieres on TNT Wednesday, September 29, at 10 p.m. ET.

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