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Tori Spelling Loves That ‘90s Fashion Is Back: ‘I’m the OG That Wore This’ 

Tori Spelling. John Salangsang/Shutterstock

Be it baggy jeans or the cargo vest, Tori Spelling helped put ‘90s fashion trends on the map (lookin’ at you Donna Martin!). And now that the old school styles have suddenly become cool again, the 47-year-old star admittedly loves seeing the iconic styles back in stores.

“I’ll go to Target with my oldest daughter and she’ll be like, ‘Oh mom, I have to show you what’s in,’” Spelling tells Us Weekly while promoting the second season of Bigger which premieres on BET on April 22.

Even though Spelling “invented” the current cool-girl clothing trends, she takes a calm and collected approach with her daughter, letting Stella Doreen McDermott show her what’s hip and trendy these days. “I’m like, ‘Oh, okay coll. Show me. How do you wear that? Oh, a crop top and mom jeans?’ I pretend I don’t know.”

While Stella takes the lead on shopping trips, Spelling says that she definitely gets some street cred when she shows her daughter old episodes of 90210.

“I show her scenes and she says, ‘Mom, how did you own that? That was so long ago.’ But styles always come back — if they’re good styles,” she says.

If you ask Us, Spelling can rock all the ‘90s trends she wore in years past, but the actress spills that her “best friend” and former costar Jennie Garth sometimes has to bring out her inner fashion police when she tries to bring back old styles.

“I get this feeling that we created the styles, it’s back now and it’s all cool,” Spelling says. “But, my best friend, Jennie Garth, tells me all the time, ‘You can’t wear that.’”

Because even though Spelling is the “OG that wore this,” Garth likes to point out that her BFF is no longer 20-something and that she, “can’t wear that now.”

While crop tops and low rise jeans might not be seeing the light of day any time soon, Spelling has learned how to embrace her body — and wardrobe — after having children Liam, 14, Stella, 12, Hattie, 9, Finn, 8, and Beau, 4.

“We’re human. We have feelings, we have insecurities, and you work hard in your journey on this path to get over that, but there’s ebbs and flows,” she tells Us about her postpartum body.

“As someone who was notorious for being, you know, a female that very much wore sexy clothes — Donna Martin always had a midriff top on. I was this big my whole life. It’s a different embrace,” she says, holding up her pinky finger.

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