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The Nightmares of Celebrity Neighbors

They live in some of the most exclusive places in the world, they’re some of the richest people on the planet – and they’re also some of the worst possible people who you could ever find living next door. It may not be so surprising that all that wealth, fame, and adulation leads to a misplaced sense of entitlement, not to mention a real disregard for the rights of the people next door to quietly go about enjoying their lives.

For non-celebs like the rest of us, it’s super-annoying. Because who wouldn’t want to like in a mansion with everything from a cinema room to a gym plus all the other trappings that go along with it? That said, by being shrewd and spending time finding the right property most people can at least have a small taste of the celebrity lifestyle. It all starts by scouring the real estate comparison sites to find somewhere with the right potential. When it comes to funding it, online brokers like Trussle can point you in the right direction of mortgage deals that can bring some pretty impressive properties within your budget. You’ll also find that you generally have a number of loan options.

Another plus point is that you may be buying into a celebrity lifestyle,  but you’re unlikely to find that your new neighbor is someone like Drake. His all-night parties in his $2.85 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California received so many complaints that the police were frequent visitors asking him to quieten things down. His solution was one that only a multi-millionaire could afford. He bought the place next door too – and it’s very unlikely that he needed a mortgage to do it.

Unlike in the wide-open spaces of the hills outside LA, New York’s the kind of place where people have to live on top of each other. But, when Justin Theroux and his then-wife Jennifer Aniston started to convert their apartment in 2017, the constant noise, as well as the barking of the couple’s pet dogs, led to a neighbor having to ask for soundproofing to be fitted. Theroux and Aniston’s reaction was to sue for $350,000 citing harassment.

Another actor who failed to make friends when he moved to the Big Apple was David Schwimmer. He used some of his estimated $100 million fortune to buy a five-storey 19th-century townhouse in the fashionable East Side. He then proceeded to have it demolished and replaced with a modern, six-storey building. Neighbors who were outraged at this act of architectural vandalism responded by spray painting “Ross is not cool!” all around the construction site.

The Nightmares of Celebrity Neighbors

Finally, having recently upped his investment in Florida soccer team Inter Miami, it’s likely that David Beckham will be spending more time in his Sunshine State home, along with wife Victoria. Let’s hope he doesn’t plan any improvements like the ones that enraged his neighbors at his London base. His plans to extend the basement, as well as install air-con for the luxury townhouse, led to a long and costly court battle – which he did eventually win.

So, next time anyone tells you that it must be great to live next to someone famous, spare a thought for all the people who have paid the price for having celebrity neighbors.

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