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Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Reveals How Serious He and Girlfriend Taylor Ann Green Are – E! Online

“I make no secret; if you follow me on Twitter, I am a very big progressive person,” Shep explained. “I fully understand and I think that it’s troubling and it has been a long time. Think about this: before cell phones were cam-corders and police had cameras on their cars and vests, think of all the injustices that went swept under the rug. I fully understand the scope of what people of color have gone through at the hands of aggressive and prejudice law enforcement. I think it’s crazy and horrible and horrifying so I think it should be addressed.”

And on a positive note, fans will see Shep mend his friendship with co-star Craig Conover after a dramatic season 6.

“We’re great,” Shep gushed. “Craig has, in my opinion, come the furthest out of all of us, out of anyone on the show over the past 6, 7 years. I’m just really happy for him because he’s owning his eccentricities and he’s just saying, ‘I am who I am and I don’t care.’ And that’s the way everyone should live. So I fully support Craig. We’ve been through thick and thin and we yell at each other but we are very quick to forgive and laugh about it. So that will never change.”

Southern Charm season 7 premieres tonight (Oct. 29) at 9 p.m. Binge past season on Peacock any time.

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