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‘Queen’ Victoria Confronts Matt James Over Split at ‘Women Tell All’

Victoria Larson was one of the contestants in the hot seat during The Bachelor: Women Tell All on Monday, March 1, and the self-proclaimed “Queen” got visibly emotional when Matt James joined the group.

“I’m so grateful for the experience and I have learned a lot so I’m grateful for you,” Victoria, 28, said as her voice started to crack. “It’s been hard watching the show back because yes, I was involved in drama and that was a really hard learning experience because I do feel like I could’ve had a shot at more of a romance. With my exit, it kind of just hurt my feelings how I saw you said, like, I need to self-reflect and ‘I have no words for her,’ because I felt like I had done my best to open up and I just have a tremendous fear of rejection. So, that was why my exit was just a little dramatic. I was going through just levels of pain at that time.”

Victoria was eliminated during the February 1 episode of The Bachelor after being accused of bullying several other contestants. After she didn’t get a rose, the former flight attendant refused to hug Matt and walked out of the resort.

“When people ask me about you, I have nothing but good things to say about you,” Matt said during Monday’s special. “I apologize if you felt offended that night.”

Victoria, who noted during the Women Tell All that she’s dealt with a lot of social media backlash, replied, “I really was so grateful for you at the beginning of the show airing because that seriously helped me through so much.”

Matt concluded: “I feel like I dropped the ball on our relationship because there was a lot more there that I felt like I could’ve done for you that I didn’t get the chance to.”

The former football player previously opened up to Us Weekly exclusively about Victoria’s hasty last month.

“I had dealt with so much at that point, I couldn’t have been less fazed,” he said on Us’ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “I had nothing left to give at that point.”

Matt added that Victoria needed to look inward.

“I can only speak to my experience. And I think that if I was in her shoes, I would try to get to the core of why I treat people that way,” he said on February 2. “Or say the things that I do so that I can better understand myself and I don’t project that on to the next person that I’m with. Because she has a lot of love to give. And if she can get past the things that she’s dealing with now, then she’ll be fine.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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