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Mario Lopez and His Family Are Set for Back to School Thanks to DSW – E! Online

Mario, his wife Courtney Lopez, and their three kids enjoy shopping at DSW because “We feel really good about partnering with them. The selection is huge with a lot of brands and designers and it’s cost-effective.” The Access host explained, “A great pair of shoes can really give you a boost of confidence, especially as a kid. I think it really can do wonders. A good pair of shoes can help kids feel good about themselves, so they’re a solid investment.”

Mario described his kids as “pretty opinionated at this point” when it comes to shoe shopping, elaborating, “They know what they like. My daughter is very particular and my son is starting to be too. We let them do their own thing, which makes shopping easier for my wife and I.” In contrast, he joked, “The baby is probably the easiest to shop with because he can’t say anything yet. But, we know what the other two like, so it’s pretty easy to shop for them too.

DSW has some great deals on shoes for men, women, and children, whether you’re going back to school or just want to freshen up your closet for a new season. Keep on scrolling to see some of the Lopez family favorites. These great deals will have you singing “It’s alright cuz’ I’m saved by the sales.”

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