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Lauren Jauregui Opens Up About Those “Traumatizing” Rumors About Her and Camila Cabello – E! Online

Jauregui said she didn’t want to come out because she thought people would then believe the rumors about her and Cabello. However, she said she was outed after photos of her kissing a woman at her aunt’s wedding were spread online.

“We were taking pictures, and I was drunk and my girlfriend was drunk and we took a picture of us kissing….My aunt super innocently posted all the pictures from the photobooth onto her Facebook,” she recalled. “And I have fans that are unreal invasive and followed her…They found the picture, and they posted it. And they were posting it everywhere….I just remember being like, ‘Oh my god. Hopefully this doesn’t blow up….Hopefully, it’s just, like you know, the few fans who found it; it just stays there.’ And then Perez Hilton outed me in an article and used the picture. And then it went everywhere.”

Hilton denies outing Jauregui. “I never outed Lauren Jauregui,” he said in part of a statement to E! News. “But if she feels I did, I would like [to] apologize for any hurt that caused. I did share photos of her kissing a girl at a wedding, but I never commented on her sexuality.”

In 2016, Jauregui penned an open letter that was published on Billboard.com in which she wrote, “I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it.” As she told Becky G, “That’s where I came out, like, with myself as myself.”

To hear her full interview, check out En La Sala With Becky G


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