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Jason Biggs Weighs In on the “Very Tricky” Situation of Introducing His Kids to American Pie – E! Online

E!: How are you and Jenny managing? 

JB: We’re trying to be delicate with each other and with ourselves. It’s a crazy time. We can get testy. We can get impatient. Sometimes when we’re frustrated with the kids, we’ll take it out on each other…. We’re trying to be careful, you know, we’re still in couples therapy. We’re in Zoom couples therapy. We’ve always done it. 

E!: You are hosting a new game show, Cherries Wild. This is different from your usual gigs. What can we expect?

JB: Yes. It sure is. For me, it was so exciting. Well, we can expect big high energy, super fun half-hour television. Cherries Wild is basically two contestants who will come on and [will] be playing together. So we had husband and wife, we had father and son, brothers, sisters and friends, and they would come on, working together to answer two rounds of pop culture trivia questions.

They can win cash, they can win wild cherries and they can win free spins to use on this giant 30-foot-plus slot machine. In the final round at the end of the show, and if you get all five wild cherries, you win a quarter of a million dollars. It’s crazy. There’s a lot of money on the line, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but there were quite a few people that walked away very happy.


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