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Inside YouTuber Laura Lee’s Battle to Adopt Her Niece—and Fight Against Cancel Culture – E! Online

After weathering many storms, YouTube star Laura Lee has found some peace. 

“I’m honestly in a really happy, happy place,” the 32-year-old influencer told E! News in an exclusive interview. “My followers—it’s like crazy—they tell me all the time, like, ‘Wow, you seem way happier now,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I actually am focused on me, my family, my brand and focused on minding my business.'”

If you’re one of her more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube, you may have tuned in for updates on a major development in Laura’s personal life: getting legal guardianship in January 2019 of her teenage niece Eryn after a tumultuous battle. “I started the process of gaining her in my guardianship back in 2018,” she said. “Anyone who has done this, it is a very long, strenuous, heart-wrenching process.”

Laura’s sister, who gave birth to Eryn at 17 years old, struggled with drug addiction while she and Eryn lived with Laura’s mom. In a 2019 YouTube video, Laura detailed Eryn’s problematic upbringing, noting the teen was skipping school, failing her classes and lacking parenting from Laura’s sister and mom, who was 61 at the time. The circumstances spurred the makeup guru to seek guardianship. “My sister was unfortunately not doing very well. She was probably the worst I had ever seen her,” Laura recalled to E! News. “I think when a kid is growing in those years, it’s like the most important years and it was just a toxic environment, so I did everything I could to pull her out of that.”

Today, she can take a sigh of relief having Eryn with her in California. “Her living in Alabama, that environment, I was always like in panic mode,” she said. “As soon as I got her under my roof, I was like, ‘We’re gonna be OK.'”

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