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How Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw Keep the Romance Alive With Baby Row – E! Online

Musician McGraw even remembered that he had a tour milestone while dating Stewart for the second time: “For the first time on tour, it was feeling like I want to get back home,” McGraw explained. 

Both Stewart and McGraw are getting back to work soon, with McGraw going on tour once more with the Jonas Brothers and Stewart resuming her roles on Daily Pop and Nightly Pop. 

“I think it’s going to be our first sort of test of how we ebb and flow through that,” Stewart stated. “I think I’m at the point in my life where I still need something to do, like I couldn’t just spend my own day being a mom—not like there’s anything wrong with that. I just think for me it’s not fulfilling enough. Maybe if we have another baby I’ll need to reevaluate but right now I like it.” 

McGraw also will be commuting back and forth while on tour. “We’re just going to make a real deliberate effort to see each other more than is probably reasonable,” he promised, citing Kevin Jonas as a parenting role model. Baby Row also will be rocking out backstage! “We’ll get her some big giant headphones to come watch,” McGraw joked.

Yet it’s Stewart and McGraw’s shared work ethic that cemented their romance. “We both like that the other person has something to do and a passion, and it’s not just like one’s waiting on the other person,” Stewart explained. “We both have things to fulfill our day and we both want to pursue things and I think that’s important because we’re both additive in our own way to the relationship. It’s not like I’m on his schedule or he’s not on my schedule.”

“Well now we’re both on Row’s schedule!” McGraw smiled.

Amen to that! 

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