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Author Rachel Hollis Apologizes for Controversial Comments on Privilege – E! Online

On April 5, Hollis took to Instagram to apologize. “I’m not going to do this perfectly but I’m going to speak from my heart,” she wrote. “I’m so deeply sorry for the things I said in my recent posts and the hurt I have caused in the past few days. I know I’ve caused tremendous pain in mentioning prominent women—including several women of color—whose struggles and achievements I can’t possibly understand. By talking about my own success, I diminished the struggles and hard work of many people who work tirelessly every day.”

She then added, “I disregarded the people whose hard work doesn’t afford them financial security, often due to inherently racist and biased systems. I did not allow a space for people to voice their anger, hurt and disappointment, which caused even more pain. I acknowledge my privilege and the advantage I have as a white woman, no matter how I grew up.” 

Near the end, Hollis claimed she would reflect and learn. “There are many things I would like to say to reiterate how sorry I am, but the important thing for me to do now, something I should have already done, is honestly, be quiet and listen,” she concluded. “I know I have disappointed so many people, myself included, and I take full accountability. I am so sorry.”

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