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Ariana Grande’s Positions Album Decoded: Sex, Love and Moving On – E! Online

“Safety Net”

Despite any doubts she may have about what fate has for her in the love department, it seems Grande has fallen for the man in her life and is on unfamiliar ground. 

“You know you really something, yeah / How we get here so damn fast? / Only you can tell me that / Baby, ’cause you know I’m coming back / You’re making me forget my past / Never thought I’d feel like that again / I came to peace with my path / Now you got me off track,” she sings on “Safety Net. “I’ve never been this scared before / Feelings I just can’t ignore / Don’t know if I should fight or flight / But I don’t mind.”

“Love Language”

Much like the title of the song suggests, the star is clearly smitten on this track as she sings, “Left my baggagе at the door, I’ll claim you’re mine / All minе / You soothe me / You hold it down with every word you speak / Baby, it’s been a minute since I had something so sweet.”

“My Hair”

While it’s not often Grande sings about her signature ponytail, she turned it into a symbol for exposing her insecurities for this love. “It’s been way long overdue / Just like these inches down my back / Usually don’t let people touch it / But tonight, you’ll get a pass / Spend my dimes and spend my time / To keep it real, sometimes it’s tracks / But I don’t care,” she sings. “So run your hands through my hair / Baby, ’cause that’s why it’s there.”

As Grande points out herself, “Know this ain’t usually mе / But I might let it down for ya (Mmm) / This ain’t usually me (Usually me) / But I might lеt it down for ya.”

Positions is available now. 


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