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Your Guide to Jeep TJ LED Tail Lights

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Jeep TJ LED tail lights enable you to improve your visibility and the look of your Jeep with a low cost, easy installation. If you drive a Jeep TJ, it’s likely that you enjoy exploring the open road. Good visibility is a must when tackling certain terrain, whether you’re driving at night or in foggy conditions. You can choose the type of LED lights you want, including where you want to install them and how bright you want them.

What Are Jeep TJ LED tail lights?

Jeep TJ LED tail lights are replacement lights for your vehicle. There are a few reasons why you might change your Jeep TJ tail lights, including:

  • Replace broken lights: Broken lights can reduce your visibility, making it difficult to safely navigate traffic, which can be especially unsafe if you’re towing. You might want to replace your broken lights with LED lights for added benefits.
  • Improve safety: LED lights are brighter than the traditional halogen lights that are in most vehicles today. Upgrading your tail lights to LED tail lights can make it easier for drivers to see you.
  • Improve the look of your vehicle: LED lights not only improve visibility but can also add a sporty and modern look to your vehicle.
  • Cost-effectiveness: LED lights tend to last longer, making them a more cost-effective choice. They also drain less power from your vehicle’s engine, which means less wear and tear.

    There are many benefits of replacing your current halogen lights with LED lights. Even replacing your tail lights with LED bulbs offers many benefits that can be both practical and visually appealing.

    Types of Jeep TJ LED tail lights

    There are a few different types of Jeep TJ LED tail lights to consider:

    Stop Turn Tail Light

    The Stop Turn Tail Light has a multifunction use. Not only is it used for tail lights, but it also has white reverse lights and illuminates the license plate. It comes with a total of 39 LEDs, giving you bright visibility. These lights are made with a durable material in a secure ABS housing, which means they’re protected from dirt, water, ice, and bad weather.

    Tail Brake Turn Stop Reverse Lights

    The Tail Brake Turn Stop Reverse Lights come with 38 super-bright LED lights. They brightly shine when reversing, while also lighting up your license plate. They feature easy installation and come with studs on the back so you can attach them to any flat surface. They’re also a universal fit for 12V Jeep trailers, making them a versatile choice.

    LED Round Tail Light Kit

    The LED Round Tail Light Kit comes with everything you need to install the tail lights on your Jeep TJ. The lights also have a distinct round design that will make your Jeep stand out from other Jeeps or trucks on the road. You can also choose between an available grommet or flange installation, whichever method you prefer.

    Spare Tire Brake Light

    The Spare Tire Brake Light is compatible with most Jeep TJ models and is a high-quality replacement spare tire break light option. It has 85 LEDs in a red color. The kit also comes with a spare tire light, improving your visibility to other drivers. The lighting kit also comes with a durable, waterproof mounting plate to ensure that your lights last.

    How To Choose Jeep TJ LED tail lights

    Choosing the right LED tail lights for your Jeep TJ is important. This ensures that they will fit right and work properly. Always check that the LED lights you choose are made for not only a Jeep TJ but also for the model year of your Jeep TJ. While some lights are universal, they still are usually designed for a certain set of vehicles.

    You also want to choose tail lights that work with your individual setup. For example, depending on your Jeep TJ, it may require that the tail lights and turn signal draw the same level of power. If this is the case, then you may need to replace the turn signal with an LED light too. Some Jeep TJ owners may decide to replace most of their vehicle’s exterior lighting with LED lights. Not only does this maintain an even level of power across all sources, but it also gives it a complementary look.

    How To Replace/Install Jeep TJ LED tail lights

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

    Depending on your comfort level, you may be able to install your own LED lights. You can install LED tail lights in your Jeep TJ with the following steps:

    • Disconnect your battery.
    • Remove the screws on the existing lights.
    • Carefully pull the lights through the tail light housing.
    • Disconnect the lights from the main wiring.
    • Check hole size. Check the screw size that came with the new lights. If they are larger than the existing holes, you may need to drill larger holes for them to fit. Carefully open up the mounting holes, and be careful not to hit the wiring.
    • Install new wires: Install the new wires to the appropriate tailgate function. You may need to test that they are connected to the right light, or you can use your vehicle’s manual to find the right wire.
    • Pull the wires through the main wiring hole: Pull the newly installed wires through the hole and tighten the washers and nuts evenly.

      Once you have finished installing the new LED lights, reconnect the battery and test the lights. If they don’t work, then you may need to check that they are connected to the right power source. Disconnect the battery and restart the steps.

      Where To Buy Jeep TJ LED tail lights

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