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Your Guide to Chevrolet Silverado Backup Cameras

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Backup cameras can be a good addition to your Chevrolet Silverado. Not only do they help with reversing when towing, but they can also improve your overall safety. Backup cameras improve visibility, giving you a clear view of the area directly behind your truck. Because the Chevrolet Silverado has exceptional towing capabilities, a backup camera is a good addition to complete your towing package.

What Is a Chevrolet Silverado Backup Camera?

A backup camera is a device that you install in your Chevrolet Silverado that provides you with camera views at the rear of your vehicle. A backup camera can offer the following benefits:

  • Safer towing: Towing larger items can reduce your visibility but with a backup camera, you can safely tow at maximum weight.
  • Safer reversing: Reversing out of a parking lot or into a parking spot can be difficult when you drive a larger vehicle, but with a backup camera you can improve your visibility for safer driving.
  • Increased value: A backup camera can help you maintain the value of your Chevrolet Silverado by preventing damage.
  • Decreased insurance rates: Insurance rates are often calculated based on many factors, with safety features being one of them. A backup camera may qualify you for cheaper rates.

    Backup cameras can add many benefits to your vehicle, while also improving your confidence when driving or towing. While some vehicles come equipped with a backup camera, you can always add your own.

    Types of Chevrolet Silverado Backup Cameras

    There are a few different types of backup cameras that you might choose for your Chevrolet Silverado based on your preferences, including:

    Factory Navigation

    A backup camera with factory navigation is similar to the camera you would receive if you had purchased your vehicle with it. This kit comes with a premium high-definition camera that can be connected to the tailgate. Its offers good quality with 600 TV lines of resolution and a 170-degree view. It also comes with OEM-inspired parking guidelines.

    Wide Angle Backup Camera

    A wide angle backup camera system offers you a wider view of the area behind your truck. This camera comes with an on/off switch so you can choose when to use it. It also is waterproof, has night vision, and has parking lines. This specific backup camera is available for Chevrolet Silverados that were manufactured between the years 1999-2006.

    Wireless Backup Camera for Smartphone

    A wireless backup camera offers easy installation and reversing views can be accessed with your smartphone. It offers clear visibility with 1080p and has a stable signal for reliable camera feeds.

    Backup Camera With Night Vision

    A backup camera with night vision is ideal if you spend a lot of time commuting in the evening hours. This backup camera comes with a lot of useful features in addition to the night vision, including wide angles and parking lines. This specific backup camera will fit Chevrolet Silverados that are manufactured between the years 2007-2013.

    How to Choose a Chevrolet Silverado Backup Camera

    Choosing the right backup camera for your Chevrolet Silverado is important. In addition to making sure that it fits, you also don’t want to damage your vehicle. This is why it is important to choose a backup camera that is specifically made for your vehicle. You will also want to choose a backup camera that you are comfortable installing. Some require the connection of wires, whereas others are wireless.

    How to Replace/Install a Chevrolet Silverado Backup Camera

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

    You can replace or install your backup camera in a Chevrolet Silverado with the following steps:

    • Choose the right backup camera and prep materials: Double check that you have the right backup camera made for your vehicle. It can also be helpful to check that the backup camera kit came with all the materials and tools you need before beginning. Then, gather the materials that you will need, which may include a wrench, drill, Phillips screwdriver, and a drill hole.
    • Remove existing backup camera: If you’re replacing the backup camera, then you will want to first carefully remove the existing one. Otherwise, you can skip this step.
    • Prep tailgate: You can prep the tailgate for installation by removing the bolts on the back of it, as well as the bezel. Unsnap the tailgate and use the template that comes with the backup camera kit to drill a hole for the wiring. Then, match up the template and install a hole in the bumper. Attach the backup camera to the tailgate in a central position.
    • Run wiring, if necessary, and connect: Unless you bought a wireless camera, you will need to run wiring. Run the wiring through the hole in the bumper along the truck’s frame. Once you have measured the length to the engine and that it can reach it, drill a hole in the engine bay. Then, connect the end of the wire, to the power source and ground. Connect this wire to the auxiliary fuse.
    • Connect to the camera: Connect the other end of the cord to the camera monitor and place it in an easy-to-view place. You might place it on the rearview mirror or somewhere along the dashboard.
    • Check power: Once the camera is connected to power, check that it works. If it doesn’t, then you may need to double-check that both ends are securely connected.

      Be sure to avoid placing wires too close to heat or where they can be damaged from other moving parts. You can usually place the new wires along the existing or previous ones. It is a good idea to measure the length of the wires before connecting them to ensure they are long enough to connect the camera to the camera monitor system.

      These directions may vary, depending on the type of backup camera you buy. If you’re not comfortable with drilling holes or running wires, then you might outsource installation to a professional.

      Where to Buy a Chevrolet Silverado Backup Camera

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